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Volunteering Requirements for Each Family

Volunteers Needed!

Every season, we need several volunteers to fill open positions! No experience required! This Booster Club is a fantastic group of helpers!! You will never be totally alone to accomplish tasks/goals! Come have fun with us! Interested? Contact Stacy Jacobson!

Volunteer Positions to Fill:

  • TBD 

Volunteering Requirements for each Family

Please sign-up to fulfill your volunteer requirements by reviewing the descriptions of the opportunities below and then signing up at the TBD Sign-Up Genius Volunteer Link 2024. Each family is required to volunteer for at least 3 volunteer slots per player; the following options are available:  

Scoreboard:  1 volunteer for each JV and Varsity home game. Run the scoreboard (goals and game time) from a warm, dry, seat-with-a-view in the press box. Instructions provided!

Penalty Table:  2 volunteers per game for each JV and Varsity home game. Track penalties for both the home and away teams, using the Penalty Tracking Sheet file (provided at game and available on this page). Instructions provided; referees tell you exactly what you need to do!  (another great view to watch the game up close!)

Concessions 2 volunteers staff the concession stand at every JV and Varsity home game. The Concessions Chair, is coordinating concessions and setting up for all games!

Team DinnersWe need 3 volunteers to help set up, serve, and clean up at each of the team dinners. Thank you to our Team Dinners Co-Chairs for coordinating. Note: All families should review the Team Dinners page for details.

The above opportunities are available at the TBD Sign-Up Genius Volunteer Link 2024. Sign up for any opportunities, not just game day duties for the team your son plays on; however JV parents should sign up for concession stand duties during the Varsity games and vice versa, so all parents may watch their sons play. If you are unable to fulfill the duties you signed up for, you are responsible for finding someone to cover for you.


Other game day volunteering spots (which are unavailable through the sign-up genius link) are currently filled:

Announcer:  Thank you to Marc Becker for being the "Voice of the Royals" this season. 

Statisticians:  Thank you Berton Olson, Bill Toelke, and Mike Jacobson for volunteering to keep stats at all home & away Varsity games. 

What to do on Game Day

Unsure what to do? Where to go? Who to see? Maybe even nervous just a little? Don't fret - we're here for you! Reach out to Stacy Jacobson for more information. 

On game day, allow additional time to park and make your way into the stadium. Arrive at least 20 minutes prior to the start of your scheduled game duties. Coach Worwa may be available to point you in the right direction, however if you are not able to locate him - please look to the referees as additional resources.

Thank you for your continued support!

TBD Sign-Up Genius Volunteer Link 2024

Sign up for at least 2 volunteer spots per player: scoreboard, penalty table, concessions, or team dinners.

Questions or concerns? Contact Stacy Jacobson.


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